Warranties are at the top of the list for most people when looking to hire a painting contractor to paint your home’s exterior. Not only are warranties a sign of quality craftsmanship, but they show that the contractor believes in their products and chooses high quality exterior paint that will last beyond ordinary paint that fails in a few short years.  Reputable contractors offer warranties to their customers to demonstrate that they take responsibility for their work. Unfortunately, scrupulous painters may also offer short term warranties that do not really cover you. There are several key pointers that you as a customer should consider regarding painting warranties.

Understand the painting warranty

Panting warranties should be in writing. Ensure that you understand all terms used in the warranties and any exclusions. A warranty from a reputable company will mainly provide cover for defects in the workmanship and coverage in case of product failure.

Understand the warranty period

Lower quality exterior paint will begin to show defects in as little as 2-3 years. In light of this, most contractors will only offer a warranty that lasts about two to three years. Leaving you with the chore of re-painting every few years.  The warranty period will also depend on the quality of paint and the preparation of the home. Be sure to read the fine print.

Understand warranty exclusions

Legitimate warranties will have a list of exclusions. Damage caused once the job is done will not be covered. In most cases, if a homeowner insists on specific products which the contractor does not deem as quality, then the labor end of the warranty period can be reduced. Some paint manufacturers offer long term warranties, but only if applied by the homeowner. If a contractor applies the paint, it leaves you with no coverage should it peel, chip or flake.

Additionally, any existing structural damages, or failure to maintain proper roofing and gutter systems may result in damage that will not be covered by your painting contractors warranty. It is wise to seek a professional’s opinion on which paint products are the best solution for your homes exterior.

A reputable contractor will offer you a reasonable painting warranty. They will also offer you advice on exterior maintenance while will help extend the life of the paint job. For more information on the warranty that Permanent Painting has to offer, call 908-777-1006.