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Power Washing & Deck Refinishing

Power Washing & Deck Refinishing – Northern New Jersey

Looking for a safe way to clean your exterior surfaces?

Power washing is one of the most important maintenance projects for your home’s exterior. Over time, all exterior surfaces weather and retain dirt and mildew. By power washing decks, walk ways, driveways and even your home’s exterior, our crews can remove built up dust, mold, mildew grime and dirt, giving you a fresh clean surface.

Your deck is probably one of the most used, yet forgot about exterior surfaces. Not only is it subject to the harsh elements of Mother Nature’s hot summers, freezing temperatures in the winter and soggy spring rains, but it needs to withstand a lot of wear and tear from furniture, foot traffic & pets.

Stain manufactures recommend regular maintenance and a professional contractor can make this task a lot less stressful. Untreated decking materials will rot over time and cause costly repairs and proper preparation makes all the difference in ensuring the surface is completely cleaned, dried and prepped to be refinished.

Premier Painting & Remodeling offers a wide range of pressure washing & deck refinishing services, using only environmentally safe chemicals, to residential and commercial customers throughout Northern New Jersey.

Deck Power Washing - Northern New Jersey