When it comes to home maintenance, many people don’t think about paint, especially exterior paint for your home.  If your home’s exterior paint is chipping, peeling, and falling off, then it may be time for a new exterior paint job. When the wood underneath starts to become exposed, you run the risk of the wood rotting.  Even with non-wood materials, there is a risk of damage when the exterior paint begins to deteriorate.  If you procrastinate painting the exterior of your home, you are only doing more harm than good.  Your home is an investment and you should protect and maintain your investment.

Premium exterior paints, such as ArmorCoat, protects your house from severe weather on the outside, but breathes to allow moisture vapor to escape from the inside.  Without such paint on the exterior of your home, your house is now exposed to many risks not only on the exterior but on the interior as well.  Foregoing an exterior paint job is only going to cost you money later down the road with all the repairs you are going to have to make on your home.

If you make the smart choice and decide to paint the exterior of your home with a premium paint, then you will need to ensure it is applied professionally. There are many factors that the average painter or home owner will not be knowledgeable enough to ensure an optimal application. For instance, you should only paint the exterior of your home in favorable weather, which is considered to be between 50 to 90 degrees with little to no wind.  If it is windy, then the paint will dry too quickly and may result in a defected finish.  Ensure that all of these common errors are avoided by hiring a professional painting company for your exterior paint job.

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