Are you having a hard time picking the color that you would like to have the exterior of your home painted? Then let us give you a hand, there are many colors to choose from and many shades of each color as well.  There are some that will look great on certain homes and others that simply will not work at all. Not only should you pick a color that works well with your neighborhood, but you should also pick a color that suits your taste, after all it is your home and you will be the one who will be there for many more years.

Many times home-owners struggle with all the color selections available and how it will work with the other homes in the neighborhood. Remember it is your home, so pick the colors that you want.

  • If you have a roof with shades of color, go to your paint store and match some color hues to the roof or masonry shade to start. Colors within that scheme can really compliment each other.
  • Look around at the houses near you, you may want to consider a shade that blends nicely with your neighbor’s while keeping in mind what pleases you.
  • Color scheme’s that you have on the inside of your house can be carried out on the exterior of your home, if it’s deep intense colors on the inside, try the same color by shades lighter, or use an accent color that you have inside your home as an accent color on the outside of your home.
  • Before you invest in gallons or quarts of paint for samples, see if the store carries the same shades in 4.0 oz size containers.
  • When viewing the sample on your house, be sure to check how it looks every few hours, color looks dramatically different as the light changes throughout the day. Bright sun can also make the house color look different.
  • Consider the style house you have, if it’s a Victorian house or “painted lady” do some research on color combinations and be prepared to use four to six colors to attract all the attention to details. If you have a cape or colonial, you might want to go simpler, with one to two colors, and paint the doors a third color.
  • Try to stay in a “color scheme family” if you decide to go outside color schemes, be sure to put up samples. Generally it is best to stay within color schemes, paint stores organize most of their colors this way.
  • It’s a good idea to use lighter colors to show projections and darker colors to emphasize shadows.
  • To make architectural details stand out more, outline them with an accent color that contrasts with the background.
  • Dark shades make things look smaller while lighter shades makes things look larger.
  • Above all, take your time! Be sure that after you invest your time, effort and money into your home that you maintain it by washing it at least every other year!

Still can’t decide?  Permanent Painting of New Jersey can help. Our family owned and run business based in Basking Ridge, has been providing the Somerset Hills area with the highest quality exterior painting system on the market since 2007.

Painting your homes is one of the only home improvements that can affect its curb appeal, value, and your feelings for your home. So pick your color and start making your house, your home.