Rather than repainting your home in five years, wouldn’t it be worth using a better quality paint that can last up to 25 years? ArmorCoat is the paint our painting contractors at Permanent Painting use every day in Essex County for exterior house painting services. This revolutionary exterior house paint alternative gives you bountiful benefits when you use it instead of regular exterior paint. After you’ve enjoyed this durable and long lasting color for years, you’ll realize what a huge difference it made for you because it won’t be time to repaint again for another decade or so!

The Armorcoat painting system uses a bonding primer which ensures it adheres well to your Essex County exterior siding and trim work. Paint that doesn’t adhere can get moisture behind it, causing it to peel and damage your home’s siding. Moisture is a huge problem you want to avoid at all costs because it’s the biggest reason your wood rots and can cause mildew or mold problems . Exterior painting with a great quality paint like ours at Permanent Painting seals and protects your home’s building materials for decades.

Advanced technology in paints are one reason your exterior paint will last. Resin particles that are 30 times smaller than ordinary primer becomes virtually inseparable from your paint surfaces, creating the adhesion you need for a durable, long lasting paint job.

Unlike other primers, the Armorcoat bonding primer isn’t sticky or tacky when it dries on your Essex County exterior. It’s a fast drying formula that won’t attract dirt and soot as it dries. This primer is also mildew resistant to help protect your home.

After your home’s exterior is primed and painted, a sealant of unique urethane water-based technology is applied. This sealant will expand and contract with the temperature fluctuations of your home which helps its flexibility. This flexibility keeps your exterior paint tough, and it won’t split or crack over time.

You would think such a great, durable painting system would not be breathable, but this is not true for the ArmorCoat exterior paints. Plus, it gives you maximum waterproofing protection on all your Essex County home’s wood, aluminum, composite siding, stucco, or brick and masonry.

Our paints at Permanent Painting give you a great 25-year warranty. This is the best dual warranty in the industry backed by Permanent Painting Products, U.S.A. and it’s group of quality paint manufacturers.

Our Essex County customers at Permanent Painting love our high quality painting products that last, as well as our professional painting that gives them a great looking exterior color. If you’re wanting to update your home’s exterior, give us a call so we can provide you a great exterior painting quote.